Canon VIXIA HF R500 Digital Camcorder (Black)
Canon VIXIA HF R500 Digital Camcorder (Black)
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The Canon VIXIA HF R500 HD camcorder with 57x Advanced Zoom enables you to discover a world of new shooting possibilities. Get up close from virtually anywhere and feel free to walk while shooting. The camcorder's Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer will keep your video sharp and steady. Capture truly impressive, amazingly realistic 1920 x 1080 full HD video with the Canon 3.28 megapixel full HD CMOS image sensor and DIGIC DV 4 image processor. Not only is this camcorder easy to control but it also incorporates lots of ways to make your video polished, creative and of the highest quality. Intelligent IS optimizes image stabilization for the given conditions, while Smart AUTO chooses the best camcorder settings based on 38 predefined shooting situations. You'll record outstanding audio even under difficult conditions with Audio Scene Select. Plus to keep the fun and memory-making going longer, the VIXIA HF R500 features a high capacity battery pack.


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5Great value/budget HD Camcorder
By Jason Lee
I have owned several camcorders in the past and would not consider myself a photographer or expert by any means. Maybe a prosumer would be an accurate term. I like to get the most out of my buck and this camera delivers. It is easy to use, has a great touchscreen, easily understood settings, and takes high quality video. See my youtube review (search ldsreliance) for a comparison between a decent 480p video camera and this Canon shooting on medium-high settings.

On its highest settings (1080p, 35 Mbps MP4), it will shoot for about 2 hours on a 32GB Class 10 SD card. It is very lightweight and small. Another great feature that is absent in a lot of camcorders of this range is an external mic jack. Since I make youtube videos in my spare time, this will come in handy if and when I invest in a nice external microphone for better audio.

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5We love it!
By S.McQuarrie
We bought this on pre-order and it showed up the day it was released. I was so thrilled! We tried it out the very next day at my son's soccer game and it was awesome. The set up is VERY easy and user friendly. Just make sure you buy or have a SD card on hand. The charging took a few hours, but that was expected.

The best part is the focus when you're zooming. I loved that I could easily follow my son on the soccer field and when watching it back, it doesn't feel like you're getting dizzy watching a home movie. The stabilization feature is awesome for moving kids and moving soccer balls. You can start and stop each video clip really easily. And taking still photos is so simple!

We bought this mainly for our baby being born in a few weeks and wanted to make sure we could easily use it and understand the settings before he comes. Overall, for $300 (plus a new SD card, camera bag, and the warranty) I feel like we definitely got our money's worth. It's also VERY light weight, even lighter than my cell phone.

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4Good Camcorder, quality features and reliable operation
By Bobbi Schulz-Bragg
Solid All Around Performer. The Vixia r5x series works great outdoors in sunlight, and in studio settings with proper lighting. The manual exposure and manual focus are huge pluses -- You get +-6 stops to adjust, more than enough to compensate for blown out highlights or crushed shadows.

The MP4 mode looks amazing, and was very nimble to edit. 35Mbps is generous, and very stable even on my Class 6 SD card.
The AVCHD mode shoots what you'd expect at 28Mbps. 60p footage is TRUE 60p, not the half-baked 30p double-frame Panasonic and Sony slip by us's legit and looks fantastic.

If you really want to see what this cam can do, get a set of ND filters and a circular polarizer. I got stunning footage out of this thing when I was able to control the light coming into the lens -- the less this camera has to do exposure-wise the better. Color rendition is spot on, and the 'Cinema' mode does a good job imitating film-motion (wrapped in 29.976fps tho)

BTW, be sure to turn off AF indoors -- it's not too good except outside...

I don't like that the controls are touch screen -- my big fingers keep tapping the wrong things :-) but overall I'm very happy to have this one. The battery life is about 30 minutes, and you can shoot with the AC wall plug -- it just won't be charging the battery when it's running, you have to turn the camera off for it to go into charge mode.

If you're using this in a studio set up, by all means plug it into an HDTV for monitoring; the 3" flip-out screen looks nice but it 'lies' about highlights and color.

You can't beat the features and quality for this price. I went with the r500 because it DOESN'T have the WiFi and onboard storage -- that's just more stuff to go wrong and I don't have time for that.

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